Stories of Life Transformation

Our vision at Heights Church is People Experiencing God. Listen to some of the stories like Crystal and Toyin who share with us how God has transformed their lives. Have hope, be encouraged.



My Story: Crystal

Pretending was a source of survival for Crystal; her defense was feigning strength. When her carefully crafted script came crashing down, she found alcohol was a reprieve that canceled the noise in her head. Eventually that no longer quelled the pain and in an act of desperation she surrendered her life to Jesus. And in that surrender she gained everything she hoped for and more!!


My Story: Toyin

With disappointment behind him and uncertainty up ahead, Toyin tells how he found a place to take root through an unexpected avenue.


My Story: Linda

Living a life that focused on what she could get for herself changed for Linda when she found a relationship with Jesus.

We want to hear your story!

Stories of life transformation encourages and inspires others. Take some time to share yours.


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