Meet Bronson

Junior High Pastor

“Jesus, coffee, shopping, cars—Jesus is always number one,” says Bronson. What he is really passionate about is students coming to know Jesus. Bronson knows how critical it is to have someone speak into a young person’s life. He made a life-changing commitment to Christ as a student. He began co-leading a middle school life group when he was a high school sophomore and he chose the path to becoming a pastor because someone poured into his life.

“The first thing I was ever told I would be great at was being a youth pastor,” he said as he reflected on the impact his youth pastor’s words had in his life.

Bronson loves showing how the message of Jesus is relevant, effective and fun. He pours into junior high students in the mid-week service and is passionate about connecting with the local school campuses where he is building relationships to impact students in and around our community.

In his free time, Bronson is obsessed with Sacramento Kings Basketball, reading articles about them, who’s injured, who’s going where, etc. He loves music and he has a reputation as being a prankster, but beware, if you prank him he will think of 100 ways to prank you back better!

Bronson Aalgaard
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