Meet Doug

Family Life Director

Doug’s passion is to help individuals and couples learn how to turn to God and apply the truths in the Bible to their daily lives. He trains mentors in “Coffee Shop Counseling” workshops here at Heights Church, giving people tools to share God’s truths in a simple and effective manner.

A popular retreat and seminar speaker, Doug shares the wealth of his experience in biblically-based marriage and family topics. He has written over twenty Bible-based, cross-cultural books, including the popular eight-book “Marriage by the Book” series used here at Heights Church.

Doug and his wife Skeeter have been married over fifty years. They have three sons and nine grandchildren. Doug is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

As part of Doug’s role as Family LIfe Director, he also oversees Married Life and Celebrate Recovery.

Doug Britton


6540 Sylvan Rd., Citrus Heights CA 95610
(916) 726-2100

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